We are often asked simple questions like how long it takes to get a SkyHydrant and the best procedure to obtain a unit. To answer some of these questions, we have compiled the most common questions and answers. We hope this will assist you in your project. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Q. How much does a SkyHydrant cost, and who manufactures them?

SkyJuice manufactures and supplies SkyHydrant MAX and GEM units direct to partners and NGO’s on a cost-neutral basis. The organisation is a registered and incorporated non-profit organisation based in Australia.

Contact us directly to scope your project’s overall requirements and needs. We can confirm the cost for a SkyHydrant MAX or GEM unit to include freight and insurance.

Q. What is the easiest way to get a SkyHydrant?

The easiest, quickest and cheapest way to source a SkyHydrant is directly from SkyJuice. We supply direct from our facility in Australia. We always carry inventory and can despatch to you directly by airfreight immediately after receipt of payment.

Q. Is freight included in the cost of a SkyHydrant?

The units are supplied ex-factory in Australia. As mentioned, we can arrange seamless direct air freight to any destination for an additional fee. We have preferred rates with DHL and TNT, but the cost will depend on the destination. The receiver is liable to pay any applicable duties or taxes on importation. We are happy for our partners to arrange their own freight if they wish to do so.

Q. What kind of a water filtration “system” is a SkyHydrant?

SkyHydrant is a passive ultrafiltration solution engineered by SkyJuice for harsh, remote environments where access to clean safe water is restricted or doesn’t exist. The SkyJuice passive membrane system produces safe potable water without the direct need for power or chemicals, i.e., the process is gravity fed.

Q. How much safe water does one SkyHydrant provide?

SkyHydrant MAX produces 10,000 litres or more of clean water daily. The smaller SkyHydrant GEM version produces 5,000 litres of clean water daily.

Q. What kind of water source does a SkyHydrant require?

SkyHydrants treat most non-saline surface and ground waters using chemical-free filtration. It can be operated from groundwater (well or cistern) or surface water (lake or river) supplies and operate under gravity supply from dams, creeks, springs and waterholes to produce clean drinking water.

Please note that the SkyHydrant does not remove salts or TDS from water. Partners should always test the feedwater and verify that there are no harmful contaminants.

Q. Where have SkyHydrants been installed previously?

SkyHydrants have been installed in over 72 countries, and there are approximately 8,500 operational units globally. These SkyHydrants supply thousands of remote communities worldwide with cost-effective safe drinking water.

The systems are used by many major global NGO’s.

Q. Who has engineered the SkyHydrant technology, and is it reliable?

SkyJuice is an industry innovator of patented ‘passive membrane’ technology combined with ‘shake n flush’ cleaning. Our proprietary technology, incorporated in the SkyHydrant design, is patented and proven. The SkyHydrant technology is manufactured by the SkyJuice Foundation and is not a commercial product.

Q. How do we install a SkyHydrant?

SkyHydrants are quick and easy to set up. No detailed technical skills or special knowledge is needed, and the unit produces clean water immediately.

The unit can be either freestanding or wall-mounted and used as a stand-alone system or configured into multi-unit banks to satisfy short- and long-term potable water needs. All the required information is available on our website.

SkyHydrant used by refugees ‘on the run’ in Myanmar. The easy and quick installation and deinstallation of the system has enabled SkyHydrants to be used in these conditions.

Q. How do you use and maintain a SkyHydrant unit?

No special knowledge or skills are needed to operate or maintain a SkyHydrant unit.   The unit is supplied with all operational and maintenance instructions and technical information.

Q. Who do I contact for further information and assistance?

For further information, quotation and support, please email us directly.

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