SkyCube - MSG desalination solution

SkyCube – MSG desalination solution


SkyCube is the new MSG desalination offering for our NGO partners. This compact two stage, low cost dual membrane plant utilises ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes. The unique patented design is targeted for critical communities with compromised and brackish water sources. DuPont Water Solutions is the accredited membrane technology supplier and CR partner for this unique offering. SkyJuice has utilised MEMCOR® Ultrafiltration (UF) and FilmTec Reverse Osmosis (RO). SkyJuice fabrication partner is QFS of South Africa.

Recent global warming impacts have reduced the availability of surface water supply options. Access to the safe surface sources water is increasingly difficult and frequently requires a solution where communities can access brackish water sources . The SkyCube unit has been designed to operate on a wide variety of water sources with a desalination capability. The distinguishing feature of this integrated dual membrane system is that it can operate in two modes, depending on the feedwater conditions. The unit can treated degraded surface water as a standalone gravity SkyHydrant unit if desired.


The SkyCube has an effective desalination solution with output capability of approximately 5000 L/Day. There are  two distinct, but integrated stages.The design offers a cost effective treatment of variable quality non-brackish and brackish waters . It is capable of treating surface or brackish water with high turbidity and TDS level of up to 3700 mg/l; and can be powered from a domestic 230V AC domestic power supply.


The operating cost is benchmarked below traditional UF/RO systems and provides a pragmatic and affordable solution for emerging communities with challenging and variable feedwaters.


When there is a sufficiently low level of TDS (typically 600 mg/L TDS) in the feedwater, the unit can operate without power in UF only at a minimum capacity of 10kL/Day. The UF SkyHydrant unit offers operational flexibility to remove colloidal matter and pathogens to produce safe drinking water. Most importantly, it is critical for the necessary pre-treatment of feedwaters to the RO stage. 

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