SQUIRT 25 is the latest safe water technology offering from SkyJuice.

SQUIRT 25 works by simply using gravity and suction. It is connected it to an
overhead bucket and the system is supplied with all necessary hoses so it is
ready to use. The system will supply in excess of 500 litres of safe water/day.
Most importantly portable and user-friendly at only. The system does not
require technical skills to operate, uses a unique patented suction configuration
gravity flow system and is extremely lightweight at 350 grams. These features
enable the system be used anywhere and by anyone.

The SQUIRT 25 uses proven world-class “passive” ultrafiltration that eliminates
contaminants (pathogens, turbidity and bacteria = key WHO indicators)
delivering instant, safe drinking water.

Cleaning the SQUIRT 25 is as easy and quick . Cleaning is done with a simple
“shake and flush” process. The system can be configured in a modular
arrangement for additional capacity . The SQUIRT 25 has a long lifespan and if
stored correctly, can be used and transported efficiently. The system is designed
for continuous use in small clusters and communities up to 20 person.

For more information and enquiries on the system, please contact us at SkyJuice.

Click here to open the SQUIRT brochure. 

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