It is great to see our long-term partner Disaster Aid successfully delivering vital projects globally. Their international standing continues to impress with deep impact projects in many regions. We want to share some of their projects with you and have chosen some brief highlights from the latest Disaster Aid Australia newsletter below.

Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami

Thousands of homes have been flattened in the Indonesian city of Palu. Disaster Aid is on site with Disaster Aid Response Teams (DARTs) from both Disaster Aid Australia and Disaster Aid Malaysia.

Initially Disaster Aid Malaysia deployed emergency shelter packs.

We have now partnered with the Indonesian Red Cross who are planning to set up 8 temporary resettlement camps outside Palu.

 The aim is to provide a SkyHydrant™ water filter at each site to protect the health of all the residents.

 These basic SkyHydrant installations, which can be installed for $5,000, will provide safe drinking water at the extremely low cost of under $5 per person for the next 3 years.

San Ramon Pilot National High School

When Disaster Aid Australia (DAA) delivers a SkyHydrant we believe that the recipient should have the opportunity to be a full partner in the installation.

 In the case of a recent installation in the Camarines Sur region of the Philippines DAA provided the SkyHydrant, pipes, plumbing fittings and storage tanks.

 The San Ramon Pilot National High School community, including the parents, agreed to construct a secure building to house the Skyhydrant and support the storage tanks at their cost.

With a partnership like this the SkyHydrant installation becomes more than a donation, as the local community now have developed a personal pride in the installation.

Lombok Earthquake

Following this devastating event the Mataram Rotary Club, Lombok hosted representatives from Disaster Aid Malaysia, Disaster Aid Australia and the Kuta Rotary Club to identify how to respond to the earthquake.

 Most water is accessed from small wells and springs often close to toilet septic tanks.

 Many of the wells have been affected by the earthquake with reduced output or no water at all.

 With additional use of the remaining toilets and damaged well linings there is increased risk of contamination of the well supply.

 One SkyHydrant Gem has been installed in the area we visited but a further 8 sites have been identified.

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