SkyJuice Foundation works with an alliance of partners in the public, private and community sectors to bring safe water and enhanced empowerment to communities around the world. We partner with all organisations that have a genuine desire to facilitate potable water outcomes. We have long-standing relationships with many major international NGOs and water sanitation agencies.

Major Partners

Oxfam is an international confederation of 19 organisations working with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries. One person in three in the world lives in poverty. Oxfam is determined to change that world by mobilising the power of people against poverty. We work actively with OXFAM Australia and have supplied emergency SkyBox units in PNG and FIJI and supported OXFAM UK in disaster response potable water projects with SkyHydrants in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Indonesia.
The UNESCO Centre is part of the Engineering Department of the University of NSW, and SkyJuice Foundation has a strong partnership with the centre. Scientists and students within the centre provide all the testing and validation work on SkyHydrants and hybrid solutions. The centre has undertaken independent validation and testing on SkyJuice systems for numerous applications. Reports are available on our website. We have collaboratively worked on R&D projects to evaluate the reuse and recycling of membrane products for possible low-cost water solutions in developing communities.
Disaster Aid Australia (DAA) delivers innovative Australian-based humanitarian aid solutions to people in developing countries who have suffered loss following natural or other disasters. A significant emphasis of DAA and DAI is to promote safe, sustainable water outcomes, especially during critical periods that require fast response times. SkyJuice has been a proud supporter and partner for over a decade, with hundreds of emergency water and long-term water installations.
Siemens Stiftung is a nonprofit foundation that promotes sustainable social development, which is crucially dependent on access to essential services, high-quality education and an understanding of culture. Siemens Stiftung Foundation is a global leader in promoting sustainable portable water outcomes with a geographical focus on regions in Africa and Latin America. Our partnership with Siemens Stiftung over the past decade has delivered safe water projects in over 12 countries. The Safe Water Kiosk or Enterprise (SWE) program is a showcase project in East Africa with over 20 operating kiosk installations of various capacities and configurations.

 SkyJuice Foundation has supported and implemented a variety of emergency, disaster and long-term bulk water projects with Rotary clubs on all continents, including both direct club partnering and support of WASRAG activities. 

Arche noVa works closely with local partners worldwide to ensure sustainable access to safe water and prevention programs in hygiene and sanitation. Many of their projects are located at the interface between humanitarian aid and development cooperation. Through our partnership, we have supplied numerous SkyHydrant units over a decade to regions including Haiti, Indonesia and Fiji.
ASB (the Workers’ Samaritan Federation) is a German aid and welfare organisation engaged in areas such as civil protection, rescue services and social welfare services. SkyJuice Foundation has assisted ASB in Haiti with multiple repeat supplies for over 30 SkyHydrant units for medium-term potable water outcomes.
IOM is the leading inter-governmental organisation in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all and does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants. Since 2007, SkyJuice has supplied large bulk water installations to IOM for IDP and refugee facilities in Sri Lanka, South Sudan and Kenya.
Veolia Foundation supports community-oriented, not-for-profit projects worldwide, focusing on three main areas: development aid and humanitarian emergencies, social inclusion through work and social links, environmental conservation, and biodiversity. SkyJuice Foundation has supported Veolia Foundation for over ten years with smaller capacity direct filtration membrane solutions that complement the organisation’s project responses.

The Australian Water Association is a national peak water organisation that delivers information, expertise and collaboration for sustainable water management. The Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has funded AWA and indirectly SkyJuice to deliver demonstration community water projects (Safe Water Kiosks) in Son La Province, Vietnam. It is envisaged that the low-cost gravity-based membrane installations can demonstrate and actively assist rural water upgrades within Vietnam. The program is continuously monitored by AWA/DFAT.

Other partners