SQUIRT is the perfect MSG water filtration solution or emergency & disaster solution; it is ideal for instant drinking water from dams, creeks & rivers.

Simply   connect the   SQUIRT   to   an overhead bucket for an endless supply of safe, clean water.

The SQUIRT-25 uses proven world-class “passive” ultrafiltration that eliminates contaminants (pathogens, turbidity & bacteria), delivering safe, clean drinking water anywhere.


  • Small, lightweight & portable
  • Easy to use – does not require technical skills
  • Requires NO power – uses gravity flow system
  • Removes   dirt, turbidity, pathogens, and bacteria (key WHO Indicators) 0.04 Um pore size
  • Quick to clean “SHAKE & FLUSH PROCESS” for ongoing use – does not wear out
  • No chemicals added to drinking water Long life – can be stored until needed Designed for continuous use
  • Removes up to 99.9999% of all contaminants.

Community Use

The SQUIRT provides safe & hygienic drinking water for remote communities, villages, schools and health clinics.

Portable Use

The SQUIRT is lightweight and portable. You can pack it away, store and transport the SQUIRT for use at different locations. That means clean water for IDP sites, NGO requirements, hospitals, schools, staff camps, and clustered rural communities anytime, anywhere.

SQUIRT-25 Specifications

Dimensions 38.5cm x 6 cm dia. Weight 350 grams Capacity Nominal 15-25 litres/Hr Includes: SQUIRT-25 WATER FILTER + plumbing attachment each end. Note: Bucket & Hose supplied separately