SkyJuice™ Foundation Inc. is an Australian not-for-profit organisation based in Sydney. It was incorporated in 2005.

We supply sustainable water treatment systems for humanitarian projects and emergency and disaster relief. SkyJuice utilises the patented, world-best, low-pressure, “passive” membrane technology to produce safe, sustainable, potable water supplies that are affordable and appropriate to communities in developing countries.

Our Vision is ‘Safe Water For Every Child’, and we have real solutions to make that achievable!

We work with an alliance of partners in the public, private and community sectors to deliver projects that provide water treatment solutions to communities and social entities. We have a variety of working partnerships with NGO groups such as Oxfam, Rotary, Disaster Aid Australia, Siemens Stiftung, World Vision, Red Cross, UNICEF and many others.

Reducing ill health and disease in children through improved water and sanitation frees the time of the adults who care for them, particularly women, for more productive activities. Most importantly, it also keeps children themselves from missing school.

Less illness means that adults miss fewer days of work, with positive impacts on overall income and livelihood security. Access to water near the home saves time for women and girls. This time can be spent on productive activities and education that lay the groundwork for economic growth. We must acknowledge that safe water is a key building block for equitable global prosperity.