SkyJuice Foundation actively partners with public, private and community organisations on the ground in developing countries, to provide safe, sustainable potable water supplies that are affordable and appropriate to the local communities they are installed in.

SkyJuice has provided safe, clean drinking water to over 68 countries since 2004.

These are examples of projects carried out in Central and South America.



  • Colombia – Safe Water Projects – with Siemens Fundacion 2012.
  • Colombia – Chloes Safe Water Project – deployment by Aguayuda, 2012.
  • Colombia – Comejenes Safe Water Project – deployment by Aguayuda, 2012.
  • Columbia – SkyBox Project – deployment by Aguayuda Colombia 2012 El Ahumado, La Guajira.


  • Peru – Emergency Response – with Siemens Caring Hands as deployment partners.

Republic of Haiti