The SkyBox Emergency Package is a complete cargo ready system to provide instantaneous potable water.  It is offered inclusive of a SkyHydrant filtration unit, packaged in a sturdy and rugged transportation case.

This equipment is ideal for shorter-term operations such as for disasters, emergencies. Intermediate and longer term storage options are available separately, upon request, as well as flatpak tank solutions that can supplement the overall scope.

SkyBox is offered in two configurations;

1) SkyBox Complete Filtration Emergency Package - SFP

2) SkyBox Emergency Pump and Supply Package - SPSP

The SkyBox SFP is a self-contained immediate solution. It includes for pumping raw water from various raw water sources directly to a SkyHydrant ultrafiltration unit. A pressure-reducing valve prevents the overpressure of the SkyHydrant unit.

Nominal 5,000 litre/day capacity: Dimensions 90cm x 60 cm x 40cm, 40Kgs.

The SkyBox SPSP is a pump and supply derivative, where existing filtration equipment or assets exist. The user can utilise existing filtration options or has access  SkyHydrant units. Note: SkyHydrants can be supplied separately or in multiple configurations.

Dimensions 80cm x 40cm x 40cm, 22Kgs.

The brochure cover with a grey box used as a SkyBoc emergency package