SkyJuice Foundation is delighted to have David Garman “sign on” as a commentator of global water issues. In the New Year, he will present his views on a wide number of issues that impact the SDG’s access to safe water & sanitation and water resources. David will post a monthly insight and encourage the conversation on how we can all do better. He is hugely regarded for his direct and insightful views and practical assessment.

Those in the global water Industry know him as a thoughtful leader with impressive and unparalleled credentials. David’s experience in water chemistry and his CV is extensive. The opportunity for technology and innovation to dramatically impact lives has been a passion of David’s and his career path is testament to this ethos.

David was the President of International Water Association (IWA) for 2 terms from 2000 until 2012. Recently, he was the Associate Vice Chancellor of Water Technology Research and Development, and was Founding Dean of the School of Freshwater Sciences (SFS), University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. His research and interests cover all aspects of new technology, water resource management from research and planning to large-scale operations, with a strong emphasis on commercial operations and corporate governance.

We eagerly await his regular observations and contributions in 2019.

Welcome David!


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