SkyJuice has just installed an additional two demonstration projects in Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam. The project has been facilitated by the Australian Water Association and funded by DFAT.

SkyJuice has supplied two SkyTower installations in November 2017. The project is also supported by a number of local organisations and sponsors. The official opening of the project at Le Van Tam School involved over 800 school children, Vietnam government officials, rural water operators, school teachers and Australian delegates. Each SkyTower can support safe drinking water for 1,000 students.

The overall objectives of the program are to:

  1. Facilitate demonstrations of advanced, low cost sustainable water technology and innovation that increases access to safe drinking water
  2. Facilitate increase capacity to deliver safe drinking water to rural communities
  3. Develop pathways with community group for long term affordable water outcomes

School installations

The first activity under this project was the installation of two SkyJuice drinking water towers in two rural schools in the Province of Khanh Hoa. These were Le Van Tam School and Cao Van Be School.  This installation was complemented in November and also included training on the operation of the equipment and education for the consumers of the water on the science of safe drinking water.

Handover and training

Most importantly the installation and training was supported with the handover and training on new water quality analytical equipment that can verify the performance of the treatment system in achieving drinking water quality.  AWA also commissioned the independent verification. The treated water is compliant with Vietnam drinking water guidelines. AWA has confirmed results that verify drinking water quality complaint with Vietnam regulations.  As a result of this project over 2,000 school children no longer need to purchase and carry bottled water to school.


SkyJuice now has 4 installations in Vietnam supported by DFAT and AWA. The previous two installations were undertaken in March 2017 in Son La Provence.

What is a SkyTower System?

The SkyTower system is a fully self-contained community drinking water filtration station manufactured and supplied by the SkyJuice Foundation, Australia. They operate without chemicals or electricity and typically produce 15,000 litres of safe water daily using ultrafiltration technology. Safe water is typically available daily to every person for less than 50 cents per person/year. With the support of local advertising incorporated on the SkyTower units, the installation can be self-financing with zero net cost to communities or users.

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