We opened our factory doors at Tweed Head, NSW to members and stakeholders on Tuesday 5 June. We were pleased to see so many old and new friends there on the day and wish to thank everyone who came.

The afternoon was an excellent opportunity for wide diversity of stakeholders and members to meet and review our current operations. Rhett Butler opened the afternoon with a presentation of the foundation, its aims and philosophy after which Larry James took over with a more technical introduction of the SkyHydrant™ and the SQUIRT 25™ safe water filter units. What followed was a delight; lively conversation and stories of real-life experiences from all over the world. The results and benefits that these systems and a reliable access to safe water have provided to the communities were as inspirational as the exchange of ideas and experiences was beneficial. The clear feedback from the attendees was that this was a valuable experience to share information on all aspect of project execution and planning.

The afternoon was also a good opportunity to review cleaning and operating procedures, flush out good questions on “what if ” scenarios and provide experiential feedback from many past installations. Our new safe water filter unit, SQUIRT 25, received good reviews and confirmed to us that our stakeholders see a clear requirement for the new addition to the SkyJuice offerings.

We took the opportunity on the day to also introduce to you our Social Media Team, Melanie and Anna from Blue Bee Social. They are always keen to tell your stories and promote the activities of our partners. We all want to know about your success and lessons so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Social Media team.

Based on the response and overwhelming feedback, we are already planning another open day perhaps towards the end of 2018. Thank you again and we look forward to sharing our vision and innovation with you.

If you were unable to join us on the day and missed the live feed online, the videos from the day can be accessed here.