Rotary Clubs in Colombia and their Australian Rotary club partners are rolling out a showcase global school’s project in Colombia. Rotary is currently installing SkyHydrant units at fifty schools in the regions of Cundinamarca, Boyacá and Huila. This will ensure safe drinking water is provided to 9800 students in those areas. SkyJuice is actively participating in the training and project handover.

The SkyHydrant units will be installed at each selected school, including installation material such as piping & fittings. Local communities are also involved in the active participation to provide all required labour as well as a simple cement base and protective fenced enclosure at each location. Additionally, local Rotary Clubs are the focal point for all interaction between all parties.  A member of the community is designated as the “operator” of the equipment and will be responsible for the maintenance program established for each location.


The selected schools currently have a student population of pupils ranging from 7 to 12 years of age and are in areas of low income or poverty-level families. Most students attend school from 7 am to 3 pm, including a daily lunch cooked at the school´s kitchen.  The SkyHydrant unit will additionally provide safe water for the kitchen activities.

The overall program furthermore includes the supply and installation of the filters, training of responsible person(s) for the correct usage and maintenance of the units, several educational sessions on water usage and conservation, personal hygiene, etc. This is presented to the student body, members of school staff and parents.


The participating provincial clubs identified the need for reducing the high rate of dysentery, diarrhea and other water-borne infections amongst local children.

The installation of the SkyHydrant filters will provide a genuinely sustainable and safe solution to the problem. The gravity supply and chemical and energy free solution has direct cost advantages for communities with limited funds and resources.  In order to control the correct usage and maintenance of the equipment provided, each participating Rotary Club will designate a coordinator responsible to maintain a detailed logbook of each unit, including date of installation and service/maintenance records. The equipment will be assigned to each school, which in turn will need to assign one responsible person to directly and physically care for the units provided, and regular communication with the Club coordinator.

An important part of this program is that the Parent Associations and Local Community bodies will actively participate in the whole process, and detailed records of all related meetings will be kept by the Rotary Club members.


An objective is to reduce water-borne diseases and illnesses in the student population of the selected schools caused by the ingestion of untreated water from local sources. It is well known that these diseases are the cause of most of the current school absenteeism amongst children. Verification will be done with local health providers and institutions, public records, as well as the attendance control at each school.


Colombia Host Club: Teusaquillo Rotary Club, will coordinate all project-related activities, including communication with all participant Clubs and provide technical as well as project management assistance.

Participating Clubs 10 off: They facilitate communications in between Project members, each Club will name a local coordinator to be the focal point of all activities related to this Project.

International Sponsor Club: Endeavour Hills Rotary Club of Australia and the DISASTER AID INTERNATIONAL Foundation

ROTARY District 4281, Colombia, is the host District.


No. Description Cost in USD $
1. Equipment direct cost Freight etc. $    75,780
2. Logistics $      8,434
3. Local Water Labs $       5,000
4. Educational Materials, Videos $          800
5. Living Expenses, Training Technician $          800
6. Contingency (currency, etc.) $       5,300
7. Signage (TRF) $          500
  TOTAL PROJECT VALUE $     96.614
    TOTAL BUDGET $    96,614.00


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