SkyJuice has a long-standing partnership with Veolia Fondation (VF). Veolia Fondation supports community-oriented, non-profit projects contributing to sustainable development. Their AQUAFORCE emergency equipment is deployed globally to support humanitarian aid efforts in connection with VeoliaForce team members.


The AQUAFORCE 2000 is the smallest of their emergency water system range. It is a licensed SkyHydrant design and utilises patented SkyHydrant membrane filtration technology.


Veolia Fondation and Skyjuice have co-operated since 2005 with the supply of 1st and 2nd generation SkyHydrant units and cooperative licensing of proprietary SkyJuice passive membrane technology designs. VF has developed hybrid SkyHydrant designs to include post-chlorination. The dual SkyHydrant design is skid mounted and used extensively in disaster and emergency responses.


Rhett Butler has praised VF saying, “Veolia Fondation has a unique capability to respond to emergency and disaster situations with their VeoliaForce team of professionals. Their experienced technical and engineering staff deploy enhanced equipment to meet specific potable water requirements. Veolia Fondation is acutely aware of the treatment challenges of various source waters to achieve consistent potable water outcomes. The AQUAFORCE platforms are world-class equipment, and Veolia Foundation is amongst leaders in WATSAN technology deployment.”


To date, there are approximately 20 AQUAFORCE units deployed and used globally. Some of these safe water stories include the deployment of AQUAFORCE 2000 systems in Pakistan and Mozambique, as well as numerous other locations. 


In 2022, VeoliaForce volunteers helped deploy AQUAFORCE 2000 systems in Pakistan to assist in recovery after the devastating floods that hit the country. VeoliaForce volunteer Cedric Thevenot described his experience during the project in Pakistan; “There is certainly much curiosity and a real understanding of the need to drink treated water. It has to be said that between the brown water that we treat and what comes out of the AQUAFORCE, the effect is amazing.”

You can read the whole story of the project on the Veolia Foundation website.


Also, VF safe water humanitarian aid was provided in Mozambique after a devastating cyclone ravaged communities. Once again, the AQUAFORCE 2000 systems were deployed to support the emergency aid efforts. Marlene Cothenet, a Veolia engineer, was part of the VeoliaForce volunteers working on the project described her experience; “The aim was to provide the most destitute people with drinking water both to meet the primary needs of those who had lost everything in the disaster and also to try to curb the expected cholera epidemic in a region where the disease is already endemic.”

You can read more about the project and her experiences on the Veolia Fondation website.