Over the years, we’ve had a lot of people contacting us to ask how they can help us to get safe drinking water to people in remote or disaster-affected areas. The SkyJuice funding model has always been based on a supply partnering structure and not directly donation based. We want to review and supplement this income generation model so as to facilitate funding of projects to a wider segment of the community.

Our current model

Currently we provide a unique partnering model where SkyJuice supplies leading Australian water technology innovation for public good. We manufacture and supply high-quality sustainable ultrafiltration technology specifically for low-cost water solutions. Our partners buy our products for use in their projects. In addition, we also supply logistics and installation assistance and advice. Our income currently depends on revenue generated from partner purchases of SkyHydrant equipment.

Sustainable fundraising is important

One of the key issues that we’ve identified when looking at future growth plans is that activity-based fundraising – receiving funds when partners purchase SkyHydrant equipment. This can be variable Having a consistent source of funding will help us to keep producing quality equipment and engage specialists and volunteers who provide advice and assistance for projects on the ground.

The future of funding

We aim to broaden the range of activities that we can support as well as offer field backup to our partners. We are also planning to roll out a world-class demonstration project. To achieve this, we need to increase our revenue and make it more predictable. Direct donations are always welcome but do require innovative methods on income generation for sustained effort and resourcing in the future.

New donation and subscription options

A large part of our ongoing success thus far has been our focus on listening to partner feedback, and our commitment to continually innovate and adapt our range of offerings to suit. So over the next couple of months, SkyJuice will be working with members and potential donors to develop new contribution options. We welcome your input and suggestions on donation and alliance models. If you have some great ideas, please pass them on! If you know of a strategic donor that you feel is aligned with our mission, please encourage them to contact us and have a chat about how we could work together.

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richarddeem · 6 January 2019 at 3:46 pm

Re your stated desire to increase revenue for future activities:

Could Skyjuice products be made available through Australian Rural Stores for farm dwelling and/or other water purification, especially during drought times and at a price that brings extra income to facilitate growth and ensure supply to our core users?

The humanitarian objective could be highlighted on the products.

Please don’t feel obliged to respond.

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