At the SkyJuice Open Day early this June, we had the pleasure to talk to Nita Mahuvakar, the CEO of Anarde Foundation. For the past three and a half decades, the Anarde Foundation has worked in empowering and developing rural India with the aim to enhance and develop the income of the villagers. Access to safe water is one of the corner stones of sustainable development. Here Ms Mahuvakar talks about the work they do in rural India.

Speaker 2:            Hi everybody. We are here at SkyJuice Factory open day, and we’ve got Nita from the…

Speaker 1:            Anarde Foundation.

Speaker 2:            Anarde Foundation, and she’s going to tell us a little bit about the Anarde Foundation and how it started.

Speaker 2:            So can you tell us a bit, Nita.

Speaker 1:            Yeah, so we are a 37 year old organization. And we work in the villages of India. Largely Gujarat and Monastar who states. Prominent states of India.

Speaker 2:            Okay.

Speaker 1:            And we work for the economic development of the village. Target audience is women, youth, and farmers. Clean drinking water is one of our prime areas of interventions and that is what we target Skyjuice for. Because it helps the health and many types of stamina and build immunity.

Speaker 1:            In terms of children and their, uh, it will affect their school education. Absenteeism will be less and children will have good mental capacity to absorb things.

Speaker 1:            And in terms of men, uh, their weight loss will be less if they’re less sick. So that is how we target the solution of Skyjuice.

Speaker 2:            And you were just showing me some images of some Skyjuice’s set ups. Or water units set ups. What, what do you call them?

Speaker 1:            So we call them water stations.

Speaker 2:            Water stations. Okay. And how many of those have you set up so far?

Speaker 1:            We’ve done 50 plus.

Speaker 2:            50 plus, that’s fantastic.

Speaker 1:            Yeah.

Speaker 2:            And how far apart are they? What’s, what’s the geographic area that you’re doing this in?

Speaker 1:            So geographic area, [it would be] many kilometers.

Speaker 1:            Yes.

Speaker 2:            You’re covering a lot of area. Do you have a team of people?

Speaker 1:            Yes. So we have a technical team, which is of engineers who largely go and install. And then, uh, there is a maintenance schedule.

Speaker 1:            The quarterly maintenance, we try and update themselves with the quality of the plant by setting up one help desk.

Speaker 1:            And we have a local champion at Divonage, who does the maintenance on a daily basis.

Speaker 1:            So a small process callback wash, which is required for the blind is done by this local champion. And periodically we go and check up the unit.

Speaker 1:            So we must see that the health of the unit also is fine.

Speaker 2:            [This] must be a very fulfilling job.

Speaker 1:            Yes, very fulfilling.

Speaker 2:            And you’re on holidays to the for the next couple of weeks in Australia.

Speaker 2:            Oh, it’s been great to have you here and, uh, we’ll go and check out the website and share some of your content on Skyjuice social media.

Speaker 1:            We have a film on our installation, which we primarily use to target donors. So when we go to a conference for a donation or something like that. Or if you like dropping in person to donate for a village or something like that, then we use this film to show it to them.

Speaker 2:            Thanks for talking to us.

Speaker 1:            Thank you.



Dr.T.C.Chandan · 3 August 2018 at 6:11 pm

Can Anarde Foundation help flood hit Kerala with clean drinking water installing Sky Hydrants o other means??
If so, please let me know how to proceed.
Please email me.

SkyJuice Foundation · 5 September 2018 at 2:31 pm

Hi Dr Chandan, Best to have a chat with someone from Anarde. Here is the link to their contact details. Thanks for your comment.

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